2007 Reunion at Old Faithful Lodge Area
(Since I was the first one home, i will show my pictures, until Brian and Steve get home with theirs- Deanie)

The Gathering on Friday Morning - More Pictures from Reunion



Steve and Lisa Barker, Steve and Cindy Danielson, Bob and Inga Kavanaugh


Brian, Cindy and Steve St. Clair, Deanie and Bob; add ; Patti Miller, Evelyn Hosener, Rob Shepard


Jane Green, Susie Palmquist, Richard and Cindy Marshall; Cindy Cruickshank


John Suess '69, Starette and Jocelyn Feurstein, Mark Riehle



Mitchey Kercher, Mollie Bigger, Maryann McGlenn and family, Pam Woerner


Mary Ann McCracken, Linnea Turner, Jacque and Betty Warner, Linnea Turner and Mike Nelson


Pat Riehle '75, Hank Fly, Cindy Carter and Lee Schlesinger


Martha Palmquist, Pat White, Jan Newby, Linnea and Deanie



Brian's Gals:Cindy, Brian, Deanie and Kathy (where were the rest of you?)

Group shots

1969 Group:  Brian, Jan, Pat, Evelyn and John


Click here to view the Windows Media Player Presentation from the reunion.