Yellowstone Reunion July 2004

2004 Reunion of Old Faithful Lodge Employees from 1971
:  Jocelyn and Starette Feuerstein, Linnea Turner, Cindy Danielson, Anne Lahmers, Pam Woerner
Middle:  Janene Sonnega, Jaqueline Foxx, Liz Pletcher, Pat Miller, Susie Palmquist, Marti Yellman,
Pat Folland, Deanie May, Paula Davidson, Ellen Free
Back:  Janet Bulldis, Mark Riehle, Janet Gray, Rob Rychtarik, Jim Baker, Brian Boroughs, Jacque Warner,
Bob Kavanaugh, Richard Marshall, Tom Mitchell, Atilla Cziglenyi, Mike Nelson
Not Pictured: Molly Bigger, Carla Schlatter, Ann Hajek, Leslie Grimm - see reunions link

Other savages that came later.....

Mollie Bigger

Leslie Grimm and Richard Damron

Rick Floyd and Carla Schlatter Ellis with Ann Hajek and Jim Liebher

Brian, Deanie, Bob and Cindy

Linnea Turner and Mike Nelson

Announcing their ENGAGEMENT!!!

Brian Borough's remarks about the reunion