Do you remember why you went to YP the summer of '71?
(Pictures from Bob K., Brian B. and Anne L.
and new from Pat Miller Mullins at the bottom!!!)


Bob, Anne Hajek,
& Brian


Gary, Kevin,
Barb, and Janet


Pam W, Jane G, Barb F,
& Jan


Jim Baker

George Eichinger

Marti in Canyon

Mollie & Anne L.


Kevin & Brian


Bob Wright,
Deanie, Pat
 & Brian

Gail, Pat and Michy




Barb Fulton and Pat Miller

Bob Kavanaugh, Cathy Rausch, Vinka and Donna Zimbro

Brian actually working!!!

Chris Merrit, Linda Woodil, Ida and Tom Mitchell, Jim Baker

Chuck, Chris, Allison

Colleen, Vinka, Cathy Rausch

Ellen Free and Diana Lutz

Jacque Warner

Janet and Marti

Deanie and Pat leaving YP

Lynn, Linda W, Linda M, Vinka, ?, ?

Mark Riehle and Laurie Red

Marti Yellman and Pat Miller

Pat M, Barb Clark, Leslie Grimm, Patti Bremer, and Kathy Sullivan

Rob Shephard, Ellen Free, Trish Snyder, Debbie Hadley, Mark T., Dan T Girl upfront?

Wayne and his cake!

Pat Miller, Cheryl Hartoon, Ann Hajek, Bob Kavanaugh, Janene, Sonnega, Cindy Danielson