Do you remember where you went
during the summer of '71?
(Pictures from Wayne Thoresen's Collection)


Brian, Wayne, Bob
& Kevin

Wayne with
Trish Snyder

Mike, Vern & Mark

Ann Hajek, Pete Lacerva, Shelly Bratonia and ?


Brian, Deanie, Bob
Kevin & Pat

Bob, Debbie Hadley, Mike,
Patti B. & Rees Hair

Rees, Chris Merritt &
Kevin w/camera

Dave Hamilton with Brian


Party animals?

Carlene W, Shelly, Diana L.

 Rob Shepard &
Patti Bremer

Janene & Pat M.

Ellen & Mark

Ellen & Rees

Ellen, Wayne,
Shelly and Mollie

Was this allowed?

Ellen Free & Janene

Mark & Ellen again....

Pat & Vern


Trish Snyder

Vern, Zeke


Gary as Ranger