(The Gathering of Old Faithfuls- A weekend at Plum Nelly Campground)

Savages off to play Golf!

Mollie Bigger, Bob Kavanaugh, Ellen Free Lueck, Deanie May Fincher, Anne Lahmers Weil, Brian Boroughs, and Wayne Thoresen

A Gathering of the Gals!

Mollie, Deanie, Ellen and Anne

The Guys Gather Round

Bob, Wayne and Brian

Swinging Along

Anne, Wayne and Mollie

Ellen, Bob, Deanie and Brian


Bob and Inge Kavanaugh

Brian and Valerie Boroughs

Bill and Deanie Fincher

Eric and Anne Lahmers Weil


Bagpipe Entertainment

Lee Schlesinger, Brian Boroughs and Bob Kavanaugh

Brian, Lee and Cindy Schlesinger

Mollie Bigger and Wayne Thoresen

Lee Schlesinger, Deanie and Brian

Valerie Boroughs and Deanie May Fincher

Brian and Valerie


Mark and Pat Stallings, Bob, Deanie, Wayne, Mollie and Brian

Inge, Cindy and Lee Schlesinger, Val, Bill and Deanie Fincher, Bob Kavanaugh, Brian, and Mollie

Mollie and Brian


  Plum Nelly Campground

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