Old Faithful Inn Employees

Picture Name Email Address
  Sharon Atkinson Weathers '70 sweath2151 at yahoo.com
  Gloria Brewster Lowe
OF Inn 69, Camper's Cabin 68, 69
gloria1005lowe at cox.net
  Andy Chaffin '67, '68, '69 ChaffinA at aol.com
Liz Cookman Pletcher '72
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  Nancy Creech '70 ncreech at mac.com
  Dave Cunningham - '77 davemc53 at mchsi.com
  Carol Ewan '69 Ask Brian for information
In Memory Of Blaine Dee Forbes '70 Ask Brian for information
  Adrienne G Freeman '79 figis_97 at yahoo.com
  Joyce Giles Chaffin chaffinA at aol.com
  Nancy Hackbarth Brown '70 nancybrown1948 at msn.com
Cal Iona ciona92057 at yahoo.com

Ann Kavanaugh  '66

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  Dave Kornberg '72 dpk1 at charter.net
John Lowe
OF Lodge 66, 67 & OF Inn '69
jl3275 at cox.net
  Sue Moorehead Miller '70 Ask Brian for email
In Memory Of Curt Hougland '55-58 Ask Gary for information
Mike Nelson
19 summers - OF Inn, Lodge, Canyon
mnelson2 at mail.ewu.edu

Betsy Peel '69, '71

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  Joanne Pinaire '70 joanne.pinaire at gmail.com
  Mark Riehle '70 riehleerie at yahoo.com.com

Kristi Sather-Smith  ' 72

sather.smithka at gmail.com
  Dan Smith  '70, '72 sather.smithka at gmail.com

Susan Stannard McDonald  '69

olymcdonald at comcast.net
  Mark Tiede '72 tiede at prodigy.net

In memory of
Mo Tso Ask Brian for Information
  Nancy Turner Blitz '68, '69 info at freedomlibrary.org
Jay Wahlin '71 jay at jaywahlin.com   

Linda Walker Bell  '70

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