Old Faithful Lodge Savages


Picture Name Email Address
Brian Boroughs J '71 firehole at consolidated.net 
  Deanie  May FincherJ '71 billfincher at comcast.net
Bob KavanaughJ '71 postcardbob at yahoo.com
Cindy Danielson  St. ClairJ'71, '72 csc51 at comcast.net
  Anne Alexander Brown '68, '69 annbrowntx at gmail.com
Jim BakerJ '71,'72 james_baker at usw.salvationarmy.org
Steve Barker '71
highlandbarker at yahoo.com
  Bonnie Beattie Noonan '70 bnoonan at cableone.net

Betty Beto Fedde '70

bettyf  at ironwoodelectronics.com
Mollie Bigger '71 cmbigger at adnc.com
  Howard "Howie" Blitz '69 info at freedomlibrary.org
  Thomas "Tam" Boggs '69 tamboggsattorney at yahoo.com
  Jeff Bogue '66,'67,'68, '69 '69 jeff.bogue3 at gmail.com
  Joann Boyer '70 joannboyer at att.net
  Jackie Boydstun Brandt '69 rrc2 at aol.com
  Barbara Branscome Mackinder '71 dustbag88 at hotmail.com
  Patti Bremer '71 ask Deanie for email
In Memory of Kevin Brennan '70,  '71 ask Brian for information
John Lowe
Lodge 66, 67 & OF Inn 69
jl3275 at cox.net
  Barbara Briney Ridgeway '71  
Chris Buchanan  '71 christraveler at verizon.net
Janet Bulldis Hopkins '70 '71 jrhopkins at cox.net
  Bonita Burtenshaw Hilton '70 ask Brian for email
Cathy Callahan Laughna '70 ask Brian for email

Gordon Canepa    '70

gcanepa at comcast.net
In Memory of Lynn Carr '71 Ask Brian for information
Gayle Cepernich Jacquet '71
djacquet1 at aol.com
Jeanne Chambard Leske '65 & "66
jeanne.leske at gmail.com
Betty Chmielniak Grace
OF Lodge, front desk, 1972
jgrace at albanymo.net
  Doug Clawson
OF Lodge 72 - 75
dougclawson at comcast.net
  Cynthia Cruickshank Austin '71 Cindebon at aol.com
Attila Cziglenyi '71
Busboy at OFL
cziglenyi at sbcglobal.net
   Barb Clark Damuth '70, '71  
  Harold Damuth '71  
  (Peter) Kirk Daum '70 ask Brian for email
  Russell Davis '70 ask Brian for email
  Ellie Dean '70, '71 Erdeaner1 at aol.com
  Kathleen Delahanty '70 ask Brian for email
  Chris Allison DeVeau  '70 christinedeveau at gmail.com
  Linda Dietz Ellis '71, '72 ldellis at bcck.com
Kitty Dillon-Day '70 kittyandjeff at sbcglobal.net
  Rosemary Drohan '71  
  Danny Dubuisson '69 ddubuisson at sbcglobal.net
  Jean Dymond '69 dymoje at aol.com
Cathy Easterling BattleJ '71 battlece at aol.com
  Cathleen Egge Tuhy '71  
  George Eichinger '71 112 S. Arch St. #3
Aberdeen, SD 57401
  Jon Karl Elbel '69 aras at sit-co.net
  Maggie Ellis Cline '69 maggie.cline at gmail.com
  Debbie Emison Terry '72 ask Brian for email

Allan Ennis '70

ajennis at yahoo.com
  Alice Esmay Howe '69 ajb917 at gmail.com
  Carol Ewan '70 Ask Brian for information
In Memory of Jocelyn Feuerstein Allsup - Honorary Savage Ask Brian for information
Starette Feuerstein '71 starette at ecentral.com

Janis Flandrena Blakeslee '70, '71

janblakeslee at yahoo.com
  Bob Flume '68, '69 skflume at gmail.com
  Henry Fly '71, '72 hnfly at spg4.com
  Phoebe Fox Herbster '69 herbsterp at gmail.com
  Bob Gaspard '69 blgproductions at sbcglobal.net
  Tom Gerhardt '70 ask Brian for email
  Jane Germany Greaser '69 jgreaser at wyoming.com
Pat Folland GreshamJ '71 pattieg52 at cox.net
  Bill Franklin '72 tliving at serve.net
Ellen Free Lueck '71 sacdc_ellen at sbcglobal.net
  Barbara Fulton '71 meowface at hotmail.com
Sandi (Gassan) & Paul Joubert
Old Faithful, Lake, Mammoth '72-'77, '81
mainline1 at  msn.com
Please put YP in Subject line
  Ray Gates - Lodge '73 (Rec Hall '74) ask Brian email
  Evelyn Glower Roehl '71  ask Brian email
  LeRoy Gorrell '70 ask Brian for email
Janet Gray Walker '71 janetwalk at tx.rr.com 
  Margie Gray '71 (Contact Leslie Damron
for info)
  Jane Green '71 toojadedjane at yahoo.com
Leslie Grimm Damron '71 lrdamron at comcast.net
Jennie Grissom Folsom '66 Ajennyfolsom at bellsouth.net
  Allison Grosfield '71  
  Katherine Guitteau Thornhill '71  
  Debbie Hadley '71 mspink82 at yahoo.com
In Memory of Sigrid Hagerstrand '70 ask Brian for information
Ann Hajek '71 ask Brian for email
  Diana Hallett '70 ask Brian for email
  Dave Hamilton
'69, '70, '71, '72
dbhamilton01 at gmail.com
  Mary Lou Hamilton de Roulhac
Campers Cabins & Lodge in '72
ask Brian for email
Patricia Hande Hartman '69, '70 ask Brian for information
David Hanneke '70  haneke98  at  yahoo.com
Peggy Hanson Schulman '70 ask Brian for email
  Cheryl Hartoon Good '71 cheryl at drdollensblume.com
  Ellen Henderson Slagle '71 Dreamie49 at aol.com

Gary Henderson  '70

oreflaida at aol.com

  Linda Hollman Koenig '69, '70 LindaLKoenig at aol.com
In Memory of Mark Horne '69 ask Brian for information
  Elizabeth Huebner '71 huebner1 at earthlink.net
Cal Iona '71 ciona92057 at yahoo.com
  Minette Hughes Black '69, '70 minettehughesblack at mchsi.com
Kathe Johnson Schaffler '65, '66, '67, '68, '69,
katheschaffler at hotmail.com
Sheila Johnson Profitt ' 70 sproffit at cox.net

Nancy Jones Taylor '70

nttaylor at verizon.net
  Trudy Kaehler '70 kaehler at comast.net
  Barry Kellogg '69 gotobar at charter.net
  Colleen Kellogg Beers'71  
  Nancy Kelly Wiesner '69 n.wiesner at comcast.net
  Michey Kercher Kibby '71 kibby4jc at yahoo.com
In Memory of Vinka Kirkpatrick '71 ask Brian for information
  Marge Koshiol Tchida '70 margtch at yahoo.com
  David Kornberg  '70, '71, '72
dpk1 at charter.net
  Mavis Kosel Simonson '69 tomandmavis68 at gmail.com
  Marie Laberge Romero '71 onemoortoy at tds.net
  Sandy LaCroix Martin '70

billandsandy7 at gmail.com


Jane Lafans Todd '70

janetodd5 at  aol.com
Anne Lahmers WeilJ '71 pertw at aol.com
  Maureen Landry '69 maureenellenhart at gmail.com
  Denny Law '72 dlaw990 at  msn.com
  Pat Lieberg Reichert '66 reichertpj at msn.com
  Ruth Lightner Hunter '69 rsh01ew at yahoo.com
John Lowe
Lodge 66, 67 & OF Inn 69
jl3275 at cox.net
  Diana Lutz '71 dlutz at caruspub.com
  Deborah Madsen '70 ask Brian for email
Ann Magnano '70 atmagnano at  wildblue.net
  Pat Mandy '71  
  Dick Mangold '71 mangoldrk at earthlink.net
Carol Marco Barney '70 trbarney at sbcglobal.net
Richard Marshall '71 rmarshco at aol.com
  Linda Martin '70,  '71  
  Vicki Matthews Murtha '70 vmurtha at me.com
  Susan Maxwell '69, '70 suemax51 at comcast.net
Michele McClain Humble '70 mhumble819 at comcast.net
  Mike McClintock '69 mcclintockm at humanrightsfirst.org
Mary Ann McCracken Fly '72

Arlene McGaffee Cherry '69

Ask Brian for email

Shay McKay Rogers '70

bemyluvdog1387 @ yahoo.com
  Mickie Melrose '70 ask Brian for email
Chris Merritt ' 69, '71 cmerr6240 at aol.com
  Vern Merritt '71 Ask Brian for email
Tom Mitchell '70, '71 Maplebarkid at aol.com
Pat Miller Mullins '71 ppupp2 at embarqmail.com
  Marcia Mitchell Gano '72, '73 Ask Brian for email
  Donna Monson Ruzika '69 dmrdesign at ruzika.com
  Joyce Montoya Markusfeld '70 jamark at q.com
  Sue Moorhead Miller '69 Ask Brian for email
  Sylvia Moorhead '69 skt_1950 at yahoo.com

Jim Moran  '70

bugsymoran at hotmail.com

Bonnie Morris  '70

bonniemorris502 at comcast.net

Marcia Morrow McCann ' 70

marcan617 at  aol.com

Barb with Bob K.
Barb Moser Hopper '71 hopperbj19 at yahoo.com
  Allen Motew '69 amotew at qtinfo.com
  Travis Murray '69 pecangrotm at gmail.com
  Kristin Myers '83
Also Roosevelt Lodge
ask Brian for email

Nadine Neighbor '70

aldanadine at aol.com
  Kristie Nelson Links '71  
Mike Nelson
19 summers - OF Inn, Lodge, Canyon
mnelson2 at mail.ewu.edu

Ben Newby  '70

ben.newby773 at  gmail.com
  Wayne Nikum '70 nicmpicmat aol.com
  Jim Overstreet '68 JOverstreet at dunnconstruction.com
In Memory of Ray and Ida Owens '71 ask Brian for information
  Susie Palmquist Bussey '71, '72 tbusfour at aol.com
In Memory of Frank Paschal '69
In Memory of Gladys Paschal '69
  Annette Quinn Spitsen '69 rspitsen at snowcrest.net

Phil Radeke '70 

philip.j.radeke at ampf.com
  Cathy Rausch '71, '72 cottegecove at hotmail.com
  Laurie Red '71 redetogo2 at yahoo.com

Mark Riehle '69,'71

riehleerie at yahoo.com
In Memory of Terry Robinson '69
Gary Rocklage '71 RNGR215 at aol.com

Sarah Ross Balben '70 

 tsbalben at silverstar.com
In Memory of Timoxena Rousseau '70
  Paulette Rudolf ' 70 Paulette.Rudolf at colostate.edu
Rob Rychtarik and Paula Davidson Rychtarik '71 bprych at hotmail.com

Kristi Sather-Smith  '70

sather.smithka at gmail.com
Carla Schlatter Ellis '70, '71 carla at cs.duke.edu
Lee and Cindy Carter Schlesinger theschlesingers at comcast.net
In Memory of Ron Sears '71 ask Brian for information
See Poems on Lyrics page Sylvia Seltzer Hougland '58 sylviamh11 at sbcglobal.net
Mike Sheely '72, '73
msheely at sbcglobal.net
  Marc Sheiness '66, '67 msheiness at hou-law.com
  Rob Shepard '71 robshepard1 at yahoo.com
  Fr. Les Sieg '71 lsieg at stanthonytigard.org
  Carol Sievers Lauer '71 lauer at mwt.net
In Memory of Camie Sigler '70 ask Brian for information
  Gail Sime '71 gescook at hotmail.com
(include Yellowstone in subject line)
  Mark Skogland '71 Ask Brian for email

Elizabeth Small ' 70

stanliz96   at  gmail.com
  Dee Dee Smith '71
aka  Spanky Robinson
  Susan Smith '70 smithsu at indiana.edu
Janene Sonnega '70, '71, '72 agennosjk at aol.com
  Trish Snyder Henderson thenders at vansd.org
Mark Stallings '70,'71, '72 stallfam at windstream.net

Susan Stannard McDonald '70

olymcdonald at comcast.net
  Kathleen "Katie" Sullivan '71 kcsullivan1 at hotmail.com
  Joan Swanson '71 Roesigerreich at aol.com
In Memory of Diane Thomas Cuthill '70 ask Brian for info
  Rick Thomas '69 realrick at gmail.com
  Joe Tomashefski '70 jtomashefski  at cox.net
Wayne Thoresen '70, '71 waynethoresen at windstream.net
  Dan Thorington '71 pfuthor at alaska.net
  Edwina L. Trout '69 edwinat at cox.net
  Mark Tiede '71 tiede at prodigy.net

Paul Ton & Sally Riegel Ton '70

paul.ton at charter.net

In Memory of
Mo Tso
Front Desk Auditor ' 69, '70, '71
ask Brian for information
James Turner '70 jtcallie  at optusnet.com.au
Linnea Turner Messinger '71
linneaturner at yahoo.com
  Arnell Urion Iversen '70 jriversen at aol.com
  Betty Van Hoof Kaufhold '71  
  Judy Von Wald '70 annbeenew at yahoo.com
Jay Wahlin - Lodge '72 ask Brian for email
  Lisa Ward Spreacker '69 lisaspreacker at gmail.com
Jacque Warner '71 Jacquelyn_Warner/Integra at integra-neuro.com
  Rich Weidman '74 rich_weideman at nps.gov
  Judy Whalin Evans '69 judywhalenevans at bellsouth.net
  Bill Whittemore '69 bill at brann-whittemore.com
  Steve Wiggins '69 stevewwiggins at excite.com
Gina Williams '71, '72 ginawilliams at webtv.net
Pam Woerner Clifton '71, '72 vongeldern_pam at sbcgolbal.net
  Linda Woodill CromheeckeJ '71 lindamarilync at hotmail.com
In Memory of Bob and Violet Wright '70
Marti Yellman FineJ '71 martifine at gmail.com
  Donna Zimbro '71 dlzim at aol.com
  •       We have leads on these folks:  Rees Hair, Shelley Bratonia,  Vic Hager,  Valerie Whalin, Karen Clayton, Camille Scelfo, Richard Sprague, and Gillis Ellis.

  •       We are still looking for the following former employees:  Scott Hubbard,  and many others.  If you know where any other SAVAGES are, please let us know.

  •       If there is someone that worked with you at Yellowstone that you want to find, please send us their name and we will post it on this site in hopes that some day that person will find this link!