Group Photos and ID's
(We need your help in identifying all of these folks)

Old Faithful Lodge Dining Room Staff 1971

Front Row:   Vic Hager, Brian Boroughs, Deanie May, Kevin Brennan, Anne Lahmers, George Eichinger, Gail Sime
Middle Row: Pat Miller, Barb Fulton, Henry Fly and Greg De Roulhac
Back Row:  Bob Kavanaugh, Janet Buldis, Pete Lacerva, Pat Folland, _____,Diane Lutz, Ellen Free, Janet Hinckley, Molly Bigger, Bob?, and Dick Mangold


Pantry Girls

Front Row:  Paula Davidson, Pat Miller, Bob Wright, Barb Fulton, Diana Lutz
Back Row:  Marti Yellman, Ellen Free, Shelly Bratonia, Carlene Wamsher, Marie Laberge


Old Faithful Lodge Waiters et al

Front row: Steve Barker  and Scott Hubbard
Back row:
 Allison Grosfield, Barb Briney, Mike Nelson, Chris Merritt, Ann Hajek, Bob Kavanaugh, Ron Sears, Mark Riehle, and Jacque Warner

Housekeeping Staff

Front row:  Carol Sievers, Karen Clayton, Carla Schlatter, Gina Williams, Carol Kyvig, Evelyn Glower, Janet Marr
Middle Row: Cynthia Cruickshank, Donna Zimbro, Pam Woerner
Back Row: Harold Damuth, Betty Van Hoof, Kathy ? Jane Green, Linda Dietz,  Dan Thorington, Cindy Airhart