Bio of Cathy Easterling Battle



How did you come to work at YP?
I had friends at the Univ of SC what had worked several summers at Fishing Bridge and it sounded like fun. Actually now that I remember it, I had gotten a job working in Alaska, but the plane flight was $500, and this was a good alternative.

What job position did you have at the Lodge?  Bus girl

Did you work in the park multiple summers? No, just one summer.

How many times did you go down the laundry chute at the Inn? Maybe 10.

Favorite YP memories?
When I arrived in the park it was mid June and there was 15 feet of snow pilled up going into Lake Yellowstone Lodge, this was something for a SC girl. - I have great memories of hitch hiking to Coty or Jackson Hole. Jackie and I would do a can-can dance on the side of the rode to get rides. One couple picked us up saying they were afraid for us. - On one adventure, we went to the rodeo in Coty on horse back with cowboys.- Fishing trips with Brian were fun - sleeping on hot stones, catching trout, especially the one when it snowed and we put trash bags on to walk to Fishing Bridge. I think we sang Christmas carols. - Hot potting was difficult to explain to my mother. - Sneaking fresh pies from the kitchen and eating it with your hands. - Eating ice cream and trout almondine. - Harvey Walbanger drinks in Jackson Hole. - Camping under the stars.

What have you been doing the last 30 years?
Finished Univ of SC, then lived in France with Jackie. Our adventure continued. Married Mike Battle, an attorney, and have three children who are all finding ways to stay in school. Live in a small, SC town, oak trees dripping with moss, close to Myrtle Beach, SC. Think about me during hurricane season. Went back to grad school to study counseling and now have a private practice, working with individuals, couples and children. I still play the guitar, mainly at church, garden, cook, and my newest thing is study