The Gathering of Old Faithfuls 2007 Yellowstone Reunion

Wednesday, July 18th Monday, July 23rd 

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Reunion 2007 Group

Front:  Kathy Mayerle, Pam Woerner, Jocelyn Feuerstein, Starette Feurstein, Linnea Turner, Cindy Cruikshank, Cindy Danielson
Seated:  Pat Miller, Deanie May, Rob Shepard, Susie Palmquist, Paula Davidson, Rob Rychtarik, Jane Green
3rd Row:  Jan Newby, Mollie Bigger, Mitchey Kercher, Evelyn Hossner, Pat White, Mary Ann McCracken, Hank Fly, Lee Schlesinger, Cindy Carter, Mary Ann McGlenn, Jacque Warner, John Suess
4th Row:  Steve Barker, Mark Riehle, Mike Nelson, Brian Boroughs, Bob Kavanaugh, Richard Marshall
Not Pictured: Martee Selden (see link above)