Picture Name Email Address

Kitty 2nd from left
Kitty (Catherine) Chisholm '48 trikat at

Mary Ann Daniels-Barrantine  '72

ask Brian for email
Sandi (Gassan) & Paul Joubert
Old Faithful, Lake, Mammoth '72-'77, '81
Anne Gilbert Barnes  '75 ask Deanie for email
  Russell Davis '66, '67 ask Brian for email
  Fred Gilbert '74
  Susan Kavanaugh Thompson '67 & '68 ask Brian for email
Barb with Bob K.
Barb Moser Hopper '71 hopperbj19 at
  Gary Young - Mammoth & Tower Falls, Hamilton Stores 1969  gcyoung47 at

We are looking for the following Savages that worked at Mammoth Hot  Springs in 1975: Mark Holte- Minneapolis;Elsie Burton- Phoenix; Dean Murray- El Cajon, Ca; Mike Arnold- San Antonio; Bill Carroll- San Diego; Rick Floyd-Cogville, Oregon; Cory Dunasky- Chico, Ca; and  Diane Barry-Seattle