Bio of Linda Woodill Cromheecke


How did you come to work at YP? Trish Snyder, a dorm sister at Central Wash.
in Ellensburg, WA asked me to go that Summer.

What job position did you have at the Lodge?
I was a waitress at Old Faithful Lodge and later at Mammoth Hot Springs until everything closed down for the coming Winter.

Did you work in the park multiple summers?
No. I only worked in 1971

How many times did you go down the laundry chute at the
I tried to with a group of friends but it was always locked when we went
....they got too smart at the

Favorite YP memories?
Resting along the river behind Cinderella Dorm after long hr's on my feet at
Old Faithful Lodge.


What have you been doing the last 30 years!?
I graduated from CWU and work as an Elementary Teacher. Also worked at
Curlew Job Corps as a Driver's Ed & Traffic Safety Instructor.

Hope this helps with the bio.    God Bless, Linda Woodill Cromheecke