Bio of Bob Kavanaugh

How did you come to work at YP?

I visited the Park in the Summer of 1970 with my family and said to myself that looks like an interesting place to work... the rest is history.

What job position did you have at the Lodge?

My job was that of Kitchen Helper...I mostly cleaned floors and cleaned enough pots, pans and dishes to last a lifetime. As the time arose, I filled in as a part time cook and waiter if things really got desperate.

Did you work in the park multiple summers?

No, I believe 1971 was the year that worked for me and I rationalized 1971 would be hard to better. For all my efforts in the Summer of 1971, Yellowstone Park Co. offered me a 10 cent/per hr. pay cut. I was ready to move on to other things. I planned on touring Europe in
Summer of 1972 but I had to wait to the next summer to realize that accomplishment.

Times down the Laundry chute?

I would guess about 6-8 times. I felt like a tour guide at times.

Favorite YP memories?

I enjoyed the people that summer. I suppose I was a little more shy than I am now but even then I got to know a majority of the OFL people and we had some great times: Hiking to Canyon bottom, fishing, going to the top balcony of the OF Inn, Rock climbing at Exum School at Grand Teton, Hotpotting, Going down the laundry chute, Cold Duck parties, Pie heists, Guitar singalongs, Trips to West Yellowstone, Mammoth and
Gardiner, Jackson Hole and Jenny Lake. It was indeed a wonderful summer, one of my finest. Sorry I was not too
specific here. Those who shared these experiences know the particulars.

What have you been doing the last 30 years?

I have been a Respiratory Therapist here in San Jose for the last 26 years. I have been married almost 25 years to my best friend Inge. I consider myself a very lucky individual. I enjoy traveling and have too many hobbies. One is postcards. Send me one from your neck of the woods if you get the time.

Amen....That's me in a nutshell, probably more nut than shell.....