Bio of Marti Yelman Fine


Hi Savages,

Brian and Deanie have just recently contacted me; they have been patient while I try to resurrect photos from my album to make them accessible to them.  I was shocked to get Brian's call, but have had lots of fun digging up memories, both tangible and not.  Janene, you are the only one of this group that I've had any contact with over the years; it's good to hear these other names again.  I hope y'all are doing well.


I live in Milwaukee with my husband Dave; we just became empty nesters this year when our daughter Alyssa left for college at UNC Chapel Hill.  Our son Larry lives in Atlanta and works at Earthlink.  We will be visiting there in 10 days for his 23 birthday and Alyssa will join us.  (Funny how they both went South, my home, and we're stuck up here.)  My family still lives in SC; Dave is from the Detroit area.


After leaving YP in '71, I returned to Columbia, SC to finish my degree at USC.  Then in '73 I moved to E Lansing, Michigan and went to MSU.  Janene and I had cycled from Michigan to Rapid City that summer (right Janene?).  I got a medical tech degree in '75, moved down to Columbia, SC with my new husband and did my internship there.  We lived and worked in Columbia til '79 when we moved to Racine, WI with Dave's job.  Other than a 2 1/2 year stint in Florida, we've been in Wisconsin since, in Milwaukee since '89. 


Dave continues to work in Racine and I am in my new mid-life career.  I became a personal trainer almost 5 years ago and am self employed.  I love it.


I hope to see some of you in the coming months or years.  If any of you are ever in Milwaukee (like this August for the big HOG rally) let me know.


Marti Yelman Fine

340 W Indian Creek Ct

Milwaukee, WI  53217