Yellowstone Former Employees

  "The Gathering of Old Faithfuls"

TGOF is a reunion of former employees from the Old Faithful Area, primarily from the late 1960's to early 1970's era, who worked at the Old Faithful Lodge, Old Faithful Cafeteria, Old Faithful Campers Cabins (aka Old Faithful Snow Lodge) and Old Faithful Inn, but we also have members from other years and park locations and anyone is welcome to attend !

Found Savages:

      - OF Lodge
      - OF Inn
      - OF Service Stations
      - Campers Cabin\Snow Lodge
      - Cafeteria
      - Canyon
      - Mammoth\Tower
     - West Thumb\Lake
     - Hamilton Stores


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  - 2013

Photos from 1971:

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 - OFL 1971  

Other Photos :

 - Cafeteria 1961-1972

 - Campers Cabins  

 - OF Lodge 1970

 - OF Lodge 1972

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 - 1971 Memories

 - 2004 Reunion

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Poems/Song Lyrics

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Reunion 2013 Group.
"Coming Soon - Reunion Group 2016 Picture"

Row 1 (L-R)t:  Ann Magnano Joyce Montoya Markusfeld, Cindy Cruickshank Austin, Cindy Danielson St Clair, Pam Woerner Clifton, Sandy LaCroix Martin, Sheila Johnson Proffit, Kathy Delahanty, Mollie Bigger, Judy Von Wald, Starette Feuerstein, Linnea Turner Messinger, Jocelyn Feuerstein Allsup

Row 2: Kathy Nelson Uptagrafft, Dale Koepp, Jill Hanna Firnstahl, Nancy Kruk Schaitel, Dave Hammerschmidt, Nancy Hill Hammerschmidt, Ted Capeheart, Phoebe Fox Herbster, Annette Quin Spitsen, Ruth Lightner Hunter, Sandy Graf, Betty Beto Fedde, Mary Weeks, Sue Allison Mair.

Row 3: Arlene McGaffee Cherry, Steve Barker, Katherine Gitteau Thornhill, Susie Palmquist Bussey, Carla Schlatter Ellis, Howie Blitz, Nancy Turner Blitz, Jane Germany Greaser, Jim Gramann, Jacqueline Gramann, Sarah Ross Balben, Bob Gaspard, Maggie Ellis Cline, Martee Selden Hewitt, Jane Green, Cindy Carter Schlesinger, Calvin Riley, Louie (Lee) LeMaster, Pat Middelburg.

Row 4: Richard Marshall, Mike Nelson, Bob Kavanaugh, Mark Riehle,David Kornberg, David Hanneke, Bob Flume, Jeff Bogue, Gary Henderson, Barry Kellog, Wayne Nickum, Susan Stoterau Grgurich, Brian Boroughs.

Not shown:  Lisa Barker, Lee Schlesinger, Pat Riehle, Judy Whalen Evans, Curtis Whittlesey, Kathy Mayerle Wellborn, Marlys Kirkpatrick Villalobos, Maureen Landry Hart, Susan Maxwell, Travis Murray, Donna Vassar Chandler, Hugh Vassar, Pat Hande Hartman, Bill Whittemore, Ron Beaumont, Susan Smith.

Help us find lost savages who worked at Yellowstone National Park!

"Help us find:  Larry Kahn, Linda O'Brien. "

Thanks to Brian Boroughs for getting the ball rolling...
thanks to Bob Kavanaugh for his enthusiasm and encouragement ...
and thanks to Ellen Free for her searching assistance!

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If you would like to make a donation to the TGOF cause, contact Brian Boroughs.

Anne Lahmers Weil has the distinction of being the first Savage
 contacted in this quest for a 1971 Old Faithful Lodge Reunion!

  2004 and 2010
Yellowstone Reunion Committee
Brian Boroughs, Deanie May Fincher and Bob Kavanaugh

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